Date:May 19, 2012


Whether you are a business professional keeping technically current or someone who wants to expand their horizons, Ashley Randall provides a comprehensive list of training services and courses.

If you were just wondering how things work or you need to take that next step in your career, join the many satisfied customers of Ashley Randall’s Training Services.

The Latest Technology!

Ashley Randall offers courses in the latest applications and programming languages: Windows OS, Microsoft Office, WordPress, PHP, SQL and Application Development for the Internet and PC environments. These courses range from introductory level to intermediate level.
The introductory courses, in particular, are geared for the novice, non-technical student.

Reasonably Priced

All courses are reasonably priced and range from $99 to $399.

Group Pricing and Senior Discounts are also available. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or the next course is on us.

The next step is yours, call (919) 889-9673  or eMAIL