Date:May 20, 2012


When your company needs to produce a marketing or training video, our staff will work with you from inception through post-production. This is typically a three-phase process.


A single word defines our Pre-Production phase and that is planning! Before the camera starts rolling you will know exactly what the resulting production video will be. By creating storyboards, scouting locations, and figuring out the budget ahead of time, your production will be free of unnecessary worry. Ashley Randall includes the following in our Pre-production phase:

  • Script Outline,
  • Equipment Selection,
  • Location Scouting,
  • Extras audition and selection,
  • Logistics, and finally
  • Shoot Planning



Production is the the filming stage which includes cinematography, audio and lights, as well as directing, art and effects. The following facets of production are included in this phase:

  • Art,
  • Audio Voice Over Production,
  • Cinematography Directing, and
  • Effects and Stunts Lighting

Post Production

This phase begins when the camera stops rolling. It includes:

  • Post Video Editing,
  • Post Audio Editing,
  • Authoring Graphics and Compositing,
  • Media Management, and
  • Packaging

The next step is yours,
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Video Production Sample

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